Agricultural Lubricants: The Vital Facts

We all know that for many industries, large machinery is a must in order to ensure efficient operations which, is why whenever we think of factories we envision row upon row of scary looking machinery that is crucial to the manufacture and production of products. Machinery makes the world go around and that doesn't stop at factories; they play just a crucial role in farming too. From tractors to ploughs and combines; modern-day farming has developed and is now far more efficient and productive thanks to a range of machinery. For farm owners, within today's competitive market it is increasingly important to ensure that constant care is provided in order to keep these machines in working order. From regular maintenance to annual checks and services, a lot of attention is given to these ma...

7 Levels of Recurring Revenue

The most successful companies put tremendous emphasis on having recurring revenue streams. Are you looking at recurring revenue in the right way? Which level of recurring revenue drives most of your revenue? The higher the level of recurring revenue, the more predictable your revenue stream becomes. The more predictable your revenue stream, the better you scale your operations. The higher the level and greater the volume, the higher you valuation goes. Every company should be constantly asking "How can we strengthen our recurring revenue position?" Not all recurring revenue is equal. Think of it as pyramid-shaped. The higher up the pyramid you move, the more valuable your company becomes. Think of the pyramid as a way to first increase consistency and predictability, then business scala...

Navigating Retail’s Last Mile

To serve online shoppers effectively, companies need to make complex trade-offs among speed, variety, and convenience. Nearly two decades ago, just as e-commerce was taking off, a group of players emerged to claim their share of the home-delivery market. Remember Webvan, Urbanfetch, Kozmo, and HomeGrocer? In 2000, in this magazine, we analyzed these and several other startups and found they faced insurmountable hurdles. Limited online sales, high delivery costs, entrenched competitors, and an unacceptable trade-off between speed and variety would combine to doom many of the early home-delivery companies (we called it “the last mile to nowhere”). And in fact, most flamed out in spectacular fashion. Many of the same challenges persist today, often with added complexities. By 2014, Inte

What is an Ecommerce Platform?

Ecommerce has emerged as the single biggest growth driver in the worldwide marketplace. eMarketer, a leading independent market researcher, predicts global B2C ecommerce sales will reach $1.5 trillion this year, a 20 percent increase from 20131. And according to Forrester Research, B2B ecommerce spending in the U.S. alone reached $559 billion in 20132. If ecommerce is important to your business then the solution you choose is arguably one of the most important business decisions you will make. At its simplest form, ecommerce software enables a business to sell products and services online. Traditionally, businesses had to purchase on-premise, standalone ecommerce software that required extensive IT setup and in-house management with specialized development teams. These solutions wer...

Being a Leader

Over the past several years, one of the most important contributions psychology has made to the field of business has been in determining the key traits of acknowledged leaders. Psychological tests have been used to determine what characteristics are most commonly noted among successful leaders. This list of characteristics can be used for developmental purposes to help managers gain insight and develop their leadership skills. The increasing rate of change in the business environment is a major factor in this new emphasis on leadership; whereas in the past, managers were expected to maintain the status quo in order to move ahead, new forces in the marketplace have made it necessary to expand this narrow focus. The new leaders of tomorrow are visionary. They are both learners and teache...

Dependable Investment Advisors- A Search for a Needle in the Haystack.

There are reasons why most people tend to depend on their friends and relatives while taking decisions about their investment option. Since it is hard to find a dependable source that could deliver professional advice regarding where to invest and exactly how much, people tend to make some apprehensions going through the reports in the business dailies or take suggestions from the friends about the investment options where they have already tried their hands out. There isn’t dearth of firms to take financial advices from, but before taking such a crucial decision in life, one must take sufficient amount of information and then entrust the responsibility of one’s own financial career. According to Patrick Dwyer financial advisor, who has already had his share of experience in the industr

Facts and Fiction Surrounding Ocean and Its Study

Though 70% of the earth is ocean, people know very little about it. The knowledge of earth is vast and more in-depth when it’s compared to the ocean. Even the knowledge of Mars and Venus can dominate the facts that most know about ocean. However, it is important to study ocean. Alex Potoczak holds great interest in the subject. He has spent a lot of time studying ocean and the lives underwater. He has explored this topic ling enough to understand that oceans hold the key of lot of problems which earth faces. The earth’s climate is depended on the oceans and its relation with the earth. To study the ocean and the lives underwater oceanography is used. This is a branch of earth science. It deals with various topics including physics, chemistry, biology and geology. The study of ocean has

A Firm That Helps in the Financial Revival of the Entire Region

Geoffrey Morell along with Sally Fallon Morell established the famous P.A. Bowen Farmstead in the temperate hills of Maryland’s Prince Georges County with the motive of providing best quality; grassland fed animal products, and to help in the financial revival of the entire region. Mr. Morell and Sally Fallon Morell restored this lovely looking farm in order to cater to the people of the U.S.A. Proprietors Mr. and Mrs. Morell ensures that the farm tours help the visitors to know, understand and implement the integrated farming techniques when producing the products. Geoffrey Morell is associated with The Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF) where his spouse Sally Fallon Morell acts as a Founder, President and Treasurer. The foundation issues a periodical journal called “Wise Traditions in

What Should You Expect From a FBI Agent?

A federal law administration job is positively for somebody searching for a job that can offer him thought-provoking, gratifying, breathtaking and enough chances to help other people on a daily basis. Apart from the great benefits and salary that go with this job, forecasts for development are also uncountable. This is not a tedious job because every day you will be facing new trials and challenges. In addition, deliberate on the number of people who would be depending on you for their security and protection. FBI agents are liable for investigating the sensitive security investigation, federal violations and solving several crime cases. They are the chief investigators of the management. The FBI agent may monitor business records, examine court write-ups, track the criminal and perform...

Tax Resolution With The IRS!

People who have to face the brunt of tax issues know how daunting and confusing it is especially when the IRS imposes a tax lien on their property for non-payment of back taxes. In such a situation, it is prudent for such people to hire the services of tax resolution professional to assist them in reaching an agreement with the IRS to lift the lien. Taxes are an issue that most people have to deal with as both the federal and local authorities impose this levy on the income these people earn. However, even competent people find tax codes can very confusing and tricky to navigate, which inadvertently leads to mistakes and in the extreme case, individuals not filing their tax returns or paying taxes. The dilemma is that an improper filing of a tax return or inadvertently failing to file a...